Previous CaGIS Student Scholarship Winners

2015 Winners

Bojan Šavrič is a Doctoral student at Oregon State University advised by Dr. Bernhard Jenny. Bojan’s research interests are map projections, mathematical techniques in cartography, and the development of tools for cartographers. In his doctoral research, he develops various models to improve map projections for scalable web maps and to automate the selection of map projections and their projection parameters. Bojan is a member of the ICA Commission on Map Projections.

Pai Hui Yu is a Master's student at Arizona State University. In her research and current work she uses GIS to visualize and analyze how community development and sustainability implementations related to healthy food access, water, energy, and transportation management can improve the overall quality of life. She uses data collected from neighborhood surveys to develop informative maps and efficiently pin-point target areas for sustainability development. Through her work, she hopes to create a framework which aims at capturing how sustainability practices can affect neighborhood satisfaction and ultimately convey results to government and city decision-makers. She is advised by Stephanie Deitrick.

Annalisa Ingegno is a Masters student in geography at the University of Montana. Her thesis research focuses on managing sampling bias when using species distribution models to predict habitat for a rare subgenus of fern, Botrychium sp. She has broad interests in natural resource conservation as well as computer science; Annalisa is attaining certificates in both Natural Resource Conflict Resolution and Big Data Analytics while completing her masters. Annalisa is also active in the Alliance of Disability and Students at the University of Montana where she works to expand the accessibility of electronic media, including geographic information, to all students.

2014 Winners

Song Gao is a Doctoral student at UC Santa Barbara. His research interests include Big Geo-Data Analytics and Place-Based GIS (PBGIS) and he plans to investigate the nature of place by harvesting and conflating multiple data sources such as gazetteers, online social media and volunteered geographic information. His advisors in the Geography Department are Dr. Krzysztof Janowicz and Dr. Michael F. Goodchild.

Mingshu Wang is a Masters student at the University of Georgia. His research interests expands upon the GIS work that he has done for the World Wildlife Fund where he worked on assessing the marine environment of Indonesia with remote sensing and machine learning to explain how biophysical environments dictate marine biodiversity. As a follow-up, he is linking these results with mangrove conservation. His advisor in the Geography Department is Dr. Marguerite Madden.

Helena Merschdorf is a Masters student at the University of Salzburg, Austria. Her research interests include examining: whether there is a "dominant" paradigmatic approach in GIScience and identifying a need for adopting a multi-paradigmatic view to accommodate the multi-faceted nature of space, spatial representations and the societal implications of geospatial information; and the spatial contextualization of subjective quality of life indicators, in order to be able to relate them with their objective counterparts. Her advisor in the Centre for Geoinformatics is Dr. Thomas Blaschke.

2013 Winners

Alexandre Bevington is a Masters student at the University of Ottawa. His advisor in the Geography Department is Antoni Lewkowicz and is working on spatial modeling of permafrost conditions in Yukon. He will not be able to make AAG in Los Angeles since he will be attending a one month course at the University Center in Svalbard at that time.

John Brakeall is a Masters student at Florida International University. His advisor in the Geography Department is Jeffrey Onsted and is working on decision making related to wildfire-modeling in Mexico. He won’t be attending the AAG meeting this year since his thesis research is still in the early works so he doesn’t anticipate presenting his work until the summer.

Paulo Raposo is a Doctoral student at Penn State University. His advisor in the Geography Department is Cynthia Brewer and his proposed dissertation research focuses on spatial pattern comparison between raster datasets before and after generalization. Since he serves as the Secretary to the CaGIS board, he will be at the AAG meeting in LA.