The CaGIS Student Scholarships

Each year, the Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS) sponsors three scholarships to students whose research and accomplishments support the mission of CaGIS. The scholarships recognize academic achievement and encourage the continuing success of outstanding cartography and geographic information science students. The scholarships also recognize achievement or potential for achievement in original research advancing the specific disciplines of cartography or GIScience. Winners are selected based on academic achievement, particularly in the calendar year prior to the award. Applications are reviewed by the CaGIS Scholarship Committee, and awards are announced in March.

2015 Winners

Bojan Šavrič is a Doctoral student at Oregon State University advised by Dr. Bernhard Jenny. Bojan’s research interests are map projections, mathematical techniques in cartography, and the development of tools for cartographers. In his doctoral research, he develops various models to improve map projections for scalable web maps and to automate the selection of map projections and their projection parameters. Bojan is a member of the ICA Commission on Map Projections.

Pai Hui Yu is a Master's student at Arizona State University. In her research and current work she uses GIS to visualize and analyze how community development and sustainability implementations related to healthy food access, water, energy, and transportation management can improve the overall quality of life. She uses data collected from neighborhood surveys to develop informative maps and efficiently pin-point target areas for sustainability development. Through her work, she hopes to create a framework which aims at capturing how sustainability practices can affect neighborhood satisfaction and ultimately convey results to government and city decision-makers. She is advised by Stephanie Deitrick.

Annalisa Ingegno is a Masters student in geography at the University of Montana. Her thesis research focuses on managing sampling bias when using species distribution models to predict habitat for a rare subgenus of fern, Botrychium sp. She has broad interests in natural resource conservation as well as computer science; Annalisa is attaining certificates in both Natural Resource Conflict Resolution and Big Data Analytics while completing her masters. Annalisa is also active in the Alliance of Disability and Students at the University of Montana where she works to expand the accessibility of electronic media, including geographic information, to all students.

Previous Winners


CaGIS Masters Scholarship Award: Two outstanding candidates will each receive $750. Winners will have demonstrated excellence in cartography or GIScience coursework and the potential to contribute to cartography or GIScience research.

CaGIS Doctoral Scholarship Award: One outstanding candidate will receive $1,500. The winner will have demonstrated excellence in cartography or GIScience coursework and the potential to contribute to cartography or GIScience research.

Winners of both awards are invited to submit their research at an upcoming CaGIS-sponsored conference (such as AAG, GIScience, or AutoCarto) and may be eligible for limited travel or registration support if they choose to present.


CaGIS Masters Scholarship Award: This award is to be granted to two students currently enrolled in, or accepted into, a Masters degree program for the 2015-2016 academic year. Outstanding undergraduates or individuals returning to school that have been accepted to a Masters program in GIScience are also eligible to apply (see below).

CaGIS Doctoral Scholarship Award: This award is to be granted to a student enrolled in, or accepted into, a PhD degree program for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Outstanding candidates that are not currently enrolled as a student, but have been accepted to a PhD program are also eligible to apply.

Award priority will be given to those candidates that are currently enrolled in a four-year undergraduate or graduate degree program during 2015 or 2016, studying cartography, geographic information science, or a closely related field. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member attesting to these eligibility requirements and to scholarly achievement and potential is required. Membership in CaGIS is not required, though professional and service activities such as participation in CaGIS is one of the selection criteria (see below). Prior scholarship winners are eligible to apply in subsequent years if all appropriate criteria are satisfied. Applicants who have applied to, but have not yet been accepted into, graduate school should request that their faculty advisor assess their potential for graduate study in their reference letter.

Selection Criteria

Valid applications for CaGIS awards (see below for application procedures) are reviewed by the CaGIS Scholarship Committee, which will use the following criteria to judge applications:

Level of financial need will be considered, if necessary, to break ties, after the primary criteria have been considered. The committee can choose to award no scholarships.

Application Procedure

1. Compile the following:

2. E-mail these documents; see instructions on form. Applications must arrive no later than 5:00pm EST on JANUARY 18, 2016.

Notification of Winners

The selected applicants for the scholarships will be notified in March.

CaGIS Scholarship Committee:

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