Ian Muehlenhaus

Ian Muehlenhaus
Director, 2014-2017

Department of Geography & Earth Science
Univ. of Wisconsin - La Crosse 2020 Cowley Hall
1725 State Street
La Crosse WI 54601


Ian Muehlenhaus is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Earth Science at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 2010 and his M.Sc. from Penn State in 2002. In addition to having articles published in cartography and GIS journals, he is the author of a new book, Web Cartography: Map Design for Interactive and Mobile Devices, by CRC Press. He is Past-Chair of the AAG Cartography Specialty Group and the Coordinator of the CaGIS Annual Map Competition. He is also on the Cartographic Perspectives Editorial Board. His research interests include: the effect of rhetorical style on map geocommunication; persuasive map design; GIS and society; map design for the Web and mobile devices; and using content analysis for longitudinal and holistic map analysis.